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  • DP Pulse leverages data science and machine learning to extract value from data collected by batteries
  • DP Pulse enables battery owners to make data-driven decisions to improve battery life and performance together with beautiful, easy to understand visuals
SoH Predictions

SoH Predictions

Battery Health is no longer a black box

Warranty Management

Warranty Management

Validate Warranty Claims and Violations

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Failure Prevention & Replacement Planning

How DP Pulse brings all together

DP Pulse.Cloud

DP Pulse.Cloud

Secure cloud server is included in every plan. Private servers provided for businesses

DP Pulse.Apps

DP Pulse.Apps

Mobile apps with build beautiful GUI and analytics for end-customers

DP Pulse.Edgent

DP Pulse.Edgent

Hardware agent that supports any type of battery

DP Pulse.Console

DP Pulse.Console

Web portal to manage data, users, devices, and organizations.

DP Pulse in operation

Collect battery data

Battery data is collected and pre-filtered by the DP Pulse.Edgent is then transmitted to a server – generally the DP Pulse.Cloud

Analyze battery data

The data in the cloud is analyzed using sophisticated software algorithms based on electrochemical, physical, and statistical models. Artificial intelligence methods are then used to calculate predictions about battery performance

Transmit results

The results that have been determined for the individual battery (e.g. recommendations, condition reports, new operating parameters) are transmitted from the cloud to the battery, and the new parameter configuration could be subsequently implemented in the battery

 Custom service models are also an option depending on the customer’s wishes. At each of these steps, the Datakrew (our collaborator) cloud provides a maximum in security during data transmission through a sophisticated security architecture involving end-to-end encryption.

How DP Pulse is adding value

Greater transparency
Provided by continuous battery monitoring

Reduced operating costs through cloud-based services

Up to 20 % less battery wear thanks to smart software functions

Longer service life thanks to various charging modes and low wear in use

Charging according to user requirements

stress factors

Avoiding breakdowns and outages

Greater transparency when reselling Battery

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