Durapower Personal Data Protection Notice

Durapower Group (the “Company”) realizes the significance of personal data protection according to Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (A.D. 2019) (the “Act”). The Company would like to inform you that the Company shall collect, use and disclose information that could identify you (“Personal Data”) within the purposes in connection to the current event to further business relationships and opportunities. Personal Data includes the information on your business card or any form that you use to provide such Personal Data to the Company, but shall include and is not limited to;
1. Full Name
2. Telephone Number
3. Address
4. Email
5. Identification Number
6. Photograph and video record in the meeting.

You should refrain from providing any sensitive information, including your blood type and religion (which are considered to be a sensitive information according to the Act). In the event sensitive information is disclosed to the Company, such sensitive information will be concealed on your behalf.

The Company may disclose your Personal Data to another person or organization which is involved with the exhibition or the intended business purpose. The Company will collect your Personal Data for as necessary according to the relevant laws and regulations.

According to the Act, you are entitled to the right to withdraw your consent, right to access and obtain a copy of Personal Data, right to object to the collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Data, right to erasure or destroy Personal Data, right to restriction of processing, right to rectification any Personal Data to be up-to-date, correct and complete and right to data portability.

Should you have any queries regarding the Company’s personal data protection or should you wish to exercise your rights as a Data Subject, you may contact the Company at info@durapowergroup.com.

info@durapowergroup.com                     www.durapowergroup.com



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