Stationary Applications

Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

Durapower offers a series of energy storage solutions that are, safe, long life cycle, compact, modular, and scalable to fit projects of different sizes and for different applications. Depending on the needs, such as for peak shaving, emergency response, black start, or frequency regulation, the team can advise on the optimal energy storage solution for each use case and equip with a remote management system for optimal performance.

Black Start

Restoring an electric power station to operate without an external electrical power transmission network to recover from a total or partial shutdown.

Peak Shaving

Shaving maximum demand by delivering power to the load and restoring energy to ESS during the off-peak period to save huge electricity costs.

Frequency Regulator

Rapid response time and emission-free operation in restoring the balance between energy supply and demand in the grid system.

EV Charging

Durapower ESS can be integrated with on/off-grid renewables to provide back-up and power for EV charging, reducing the load on local grid systems.



Durapower ESS modules in configurations 48 – 66V are scalable to fit projects of different sizes from 2.4KWh to MWh of ESS solutions. Some of the used applications include an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for data room storage and telecom towers.



Durapower ESS modules are stackable in racks for optimal use of space, housed in compact cabinets for indoor or outdoor applications. Applicable for commercial and industrial applications, integrated with smart battery management system for optimal performance.



Durapower ESS Cabinets are stackable in racks for optimal use of space, lower cost for small indoor or outdoor project applications. Applicable for indoor and outdoor, integrated with a smart battery management system to provide energy to different rooms.



Durapower designs and manufactures a safe, high-performance, lightweight, and durable Energy Storage System (ESS) using recycled batteries for a closed-loop integrated process with a focus on clean and renewable energy.


a 10KWh modular, cloud-based, plug-and-play residential system that allows online monitoring to optimize energy consumption, and reduce electricity bills while greening the environment when coupled with a renewable energy source.

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