Second-Life Deployment

Second-Life Deployment

Battery systems that have aged while powering electric vehicles can be redeployed to provide stationary energy storage systems after their main first life application. Battery packs retired from electric vehicles will have 70% residual energy retention, which can be repackaged into a stationary storage system for power backup or peak shaving applications. This allows residential buildings the possibility of an economically viable extension of the value of the batteries.

  • End of first life

    After its first life in a vehicle, the battery retains 60 to 90% of its capacity.

  • Collection

    The pack is extracted, collected and send to recycling center.

  • Refurbishing

    Packs are tested and cells fit for 2nd life are dismantled and reassembled into homogeneous modules.

  • Reusing

    Refurbished battery modules are integrated into large stationary storage systems to provide various services to the grid.

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