Durapower Greens-up Tao One’s TCM Mobile Clinic

Singapore, 30 June 2022 – Durapower Group has joined forces with Tao One Ltd to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the doorsteps of Singaporeans living in the East Coast. The Group worked closely with Tao One Ltd to provide the community easy access to essential healthcare services via an environmentally friendly mobile clinic van fitted to deliver TCM consultancy, same-day prescriptions and acupuncture.

Durapower is the first Lithium-Ion Battery solutions integrator in Singapore to electrify Tao One’s inaugural TCM Mobile Clinic. With an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, the Group has successfully equipped Tao One’s mobile clinic with its next-generation Lithium-Ion Battery solution, which eliminates carbon monoxide emissions and noise pollution. In addition to saving the time needed to start a diesel generator, the integrated solution offers an enhanced experience for both the mobile medical team and residents.

As part of this strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership Durapower provides a clean and sustainable energy source on board the van to power medical equipment while it operates as a mobile clinic, providing residents with easy access to affordable TCM healthcare services throughout East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC), taking full advantage of the Eastern Coastal Loop’s connectivity. With this, the vehicle engine or any diesel genset is not needed during clinic operations hence eliminating carbon and noise emissions to the neighborhood.

In anticipation of the surge in demand for convenient access to essential healthcare services from the other GRCs, Tao One Ltd has been monitoring the efficacy of its inaugural Mobile Clinic. As part of the strategic CSR partnership, Durapower will look to electrify Tao One’s future TCM Mobile Clinics. The inaugural mobile clinic initiative will spearhead the development of similar future initiatives across Singapore, thus providing less mobile individuals easy access to essential healthcare services. Tao One Ltd has delivered 2,000 TCM consultancy and acupuncture services to needy residents in East Coast GRC since the launch of its mobile service last year.

Through this initiative with Tao One Ltd, Durapower is able to bring value to the community in Singapore and positively impact the environment with its high-performance battery system, providing cleaner and greener operation. Replacing the diesel genset which requires daily refuelling, the TCM Mobile Clinic can operate continuously for three to five days without the need to recharge its onboard battery system.

Durapower Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin Lim says, “Sustainability is the heart of our business. Since the founding of Durapower, we have been electrifying vehicles of all sizes and for all purposes to build a sustainable future, today. Our partnership with Tao One Ltd exemplifies our commitment towards environmental sustainability, and the shared sense of purpose has helped unified our culture and ground our beliefs. We are delighted collaborate with Tao One Ltd as their electrification partner to deliver tangible value to our community in a green and sustainable manner.”

Tao One Ltd’s Director-General, Andy Wong says, “Home to some 122,0001 residents and a highly-connected network, East Coast GRC is an ideal pilot testbed for Tao One’s TCM Mobile Clinic. We understand the importance of providing low-cost TCM services for the wider Singaporean community and as a home-grown enterprise, are delighted to work closely with Durapower to support our community outreach objectives where we successfully delivered 2,000 treatments to date. This is a worthy cause that touches the lives of many and we are happy to be partners in this.”

Through this initiative, residents of East Coast GRC have convenient access to TCM and acupuncture services via Tao One’s Mobile Clinic. This initiative highlights both Tao One Ltd and Durapower’s commitment to providing the community with essential healthcare services for the long-term, delivering on the Durapower’s promise of empowering lives and transforming the future for a better tomorrow.

 Electrification For A Better Tomorrow

As an innovative Group specialising in the development and manufacturing of next-generation Lithium-Ion Battery systems for e-mobility, high-performance stationery containerised Energy Storage Solutions, and Specialty and Marine applications, Durapower has a decade-long perfect safety track record. The Group’s high-performance Lithium-Ion Battery solutions have been installed in a multitude of on-road and offshore applications worldwide across 22 countries, including fleets of buses in China, Netherlands and Thailand, containerised seaport equipment and autonomous vehicles in Singapore and Netherlands, and commercial and passenger marine vessels in Singapore and Thailand.

This strategic CSR partnership with Tao One Ltd highlights how Durapower merges sustainability with social impact, as it takes into consideration the reduction of carbon footprint while serving the wider community, thus strengthening the Group’s position as a highly reliable, high-performance Energy Storage Solutions provider in the e-mobility sector.

The electrification of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles has always been one of Durapower’s key focus areas. Focusing on supplying innovative solutions backed by extensive research and development to Global Tier-One Vehicle and Port Equipment Manufacturers for the international market, the Group’s initiatives are instrumental to both the world’s and Singapore’s environmental sustainability efforts.


About Durapower Group
Headquartered in Singapore, Durapower (www.durapowergroup.com) offers closed-loop, end-to-end energy storage solutions for electric mobility and renewable energy applications including on and off-road Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, electric marine vessel and stationary energy storage solutions. Since 2009, Durapower has been a leading innovator of Lithium-Ion cell technology, focusing on the research and development of battery materials, battery cell manufacturing, and system integration. With a global presence spanning 22 countries and 47 cities, including China, Netherlands and Thailand, Durapower Group develops scalable, sustainable batteries that support the circular economy, empowering lives, and transforming the future towards a carbon-neutral economy.

About Tao One Ltd
Founded in 2015, Tao One Ltd 天富宫 (T1) is a Taoist non-profit organisation that stems from a Taoist temple to include social welfare services and promotion of Chinese culture as part of their service arms. The organisation is committed to serve the community through inter-religious collaborations, education, and humanitarian works. Since inception, other than the usual Taoist ceremonies and community events, T1 has become a strong advocate of national cultural events. T1 currently has four main arms of social and community services ranging from community job bank, pro bono funeral, mobile clinic and transition shelter for the homeless. T1 is a recipient of the MSF Community Care Award 2021. Follow T1 at fb.com/TFG.TAO

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